As decided in the General Body meeting held in Chennai at the time of Combined Congress 2000, a trust has been formed in the name of ISSH with a view to promote academic and research work in Hand Surgery. Professor. G. Balakrishnan who initiated this idea was asked to go through all the legal aspects and to take all necessary steps to form the trust. All the Corpus fund as well as oration fund are to be transferred to the Trust.

The following Life Members have been nominated as Founder Trustees:

  • Dr. J.R. Jaju. (Ahmedabad)
  • Dr. Tambwekar. (Mumbai)
  • Prof. G. Balakrishnan. (Chennai)

The name of the current Trustees:

  • Prof. G. Balakrishnan - Executive Trustee
  • Prof. Bhaskaranand Kumar
  • Dr. G.N. Malaviya

 It was decided that Prof. G. Balakrishnan will be the Managing trustee and the other members will serve a period 3 years. It was decided in the last General Body meeting to transfer the existing Corpus fund and the oration fund to the trust. Pro. G. Balakrishnan has approached the necessary authorities and the trust has been created now. 80G exemption has been obtained for donations made towards the trust. All member are requested to extend your full Co-operation and pay the corpus fund money of Rs.1,500/- (those members who have not yet paid) to the trust fund, as early as possible.


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